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Ended 7 Episodes

Lord Robert Crawley and his family live a life of leisure, while a fleet of servants, including butler Carson, attend to their every need. But two events conspire to shake things up: the sinking of the Titanic, which claims Crawley's heirs, and the return of his valet, Bates. Since Crawley and Lady Cora have three daughters, his distant solicitor cousin, Matthew, becomes heir to the estate. With that, the scheming begins, since Thomas the footman views Bates as an interloper and Crawley's mother, Violet, feels the same way about Matthew's mother, Isobel.

66m, 40m, 47m 26-09-2010 73 views

Downton Abbey - Season 1 - 7 Episodes
1 Image Downton Abbey 1x1 Episode One September 26, 2010
2 Image Downton Abbey 1x2 Episode Two October 03, 2010
3 Image Downton Abbey 1x3 Episode Three October 10, 2010
4 Image Downton Abbey 1x4 Episode Four October 17, 2010
5 Image Downton Abbey 1x5 Episode Five October 24, 2010
6 Image Downton Abbey 1x6 Episode Six October 31, 2010
7 Image Downton Abbey 1x7 Episode Seven November 07, 2010
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