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The new first series of British science fiction series Doctor Who began on 26 March 2005 with the episode "Rose", which marked the end of the programme's 16-year absence from episodic television following its cancellation in 1989, and the first new televised Doctor Who story since the broadcast of the TV movie starring Paul McGann in 1996. The finale episode, "The Parting of the Ways", was broadcast on 18 June 2005. The show was revived by long time Doctor Who fan Russell T Davies, who had been lobbying the BBC since the late-90s to bring the show back. The first series comprised 13 episodes, eight of which Davies wrote. Davies, Julie Gardner and Mal Young served as executive producers, Phil Collinson as producer. The show depicts the adventures of a mysterious and eccentric Time Lord known as the Doctor, who travels through time and space in his time machine, the TARDIS, which normally appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s British police box. With his companions, he explores time and space, faces a variety of foes and saves civilizations, helping people and righting wrongs. The first series features Christopher Eccleston as the ninth incarnation of the Doctor, his only series as the Doctor, accompanied by Billie Piper, as his first and main companion Rose Tyler, whom he plucks from obscurity on planet Earth, and to whom he grows increasingly attached. He also travels briefly with unruly boy-genius Adam Mitchell, played by Bruno Langley, and with 51st-century con man and former 'Time Agent' Captain Jack Harkness, portrayed by John Barrowman. Episodes in series one form a loose story arc, based upon the recurring phrase "Bad Wolf", the significance of which goes unexplained until the two-part series finale.

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Doctor Who - Season 1 - 13 Episodes
1 Image Doctor Who 1x1 Rose March 26, 2005
2 Image Doctor Who 1x2 The End of the World April 02, 2005
3 Image Doctor Who 1x3 The Unquiet Dead April 09, 2005
4 Image Doctor Who 1x4 Aliens of London (1) April 16, 2005
5 Image Doctor Who 1x5 World War Three (2) April 23, 2005
6 Image Doctor Who 1x6 Dalek April 30, 2005
7 Image Doctor Who 1x7 The Long Game May 07, 2005
8 Image Doctor Who 1x8 Father's Day May 14, 2005
9 Image Doctor Who 1x9 The Empty Child (1) May 21, 2005
10 Image Doctor Who 1x10 The Doctor Dances (2) May 28, 2005
11 Image Doctor Who 1x11 Boom Town June 04, 2005
12 Image Doctor Who 1x12 Bad Wolf (1) June 11, 2005
13 Image Doctor Who 1x13 The Parting of the Ways (2) June 18, 2005
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