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Canceled 13 Episodes

Aidan tries to steer a leaderless Boston while resisting his deadlier vampire instincts as he finds himself tempted and tormented by a figure from his past. Sally must face the consequences of missing her door while figuring out how to navigate life on earth as a ghost. Josh searches for a cure for his condition while struggling to maintain his relationship with Nora and, like the rest of his roommates, trying to build a future for himself beyond simply being a monster.

43m, 60m 17-01-2011 16 views

Being Human - Season 2 - 13 Episodes
1 Image Being Human 2x1 Turn This Mother Out January 16, 2012
2 Image Being Human 2x2 Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? January 23, 2012
3 Image Being Human 2x3 All Out of Blood January 30, 2012
4 Image Being Human 2x4 (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons February 06, 2012
5 Image Being Human 2x5 Addicted to Love February 13, 2012
6 Image Being Human 2x6 Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These February 20, 2012
7 Image Being Human 2x7 The Ties That Blind February 27, 2012
8 Image Being Human 2x8 I've Got You Under Your Skin March 05, 2012
9 Image Being Human 2x9 When I Think About You I Shred Myself March 12, 2012
10 Image Being Human 2x10 Dream Reaper March 19, 2012
11 Image Being Human 2x11 Don't Fear the Scott March 26, 2012
12 Image Being Human 2x12 Partial Eclipse of the Heart April 02, 2012
13 Image Being Human 2x13 It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want to April 09, 2012
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